About me

Passionately immersed in the realm of digital solutions, I've delved deep into coding and creativity, driven by curiosity.

Since 2017, I've specialized in .NET for backend development, concurrently gaining experience in frontend creation. This duality enables me to craft cohesive solutions focused on user experience.

As an adept GitHub user, I actively engage in diverse projects, mastering version control and optimizing team workflow. My server management ensures application stability through meticulous configuration and monitoring.

In my role as a team leader, I foster innovation and collaboration. I prioritize technological solutions aimed at making a meaningful impact on users.

I'm committed to learning, exploring new trends, and embracing challenges. Let's embark together on this journey of innovation, shaping the digital landscape.

Thank you for joining.

Technology Stack

HTML CSS JavaScript Bootstrap MySQL MSSQL .NET Bazor WordPress


In today's world, an online presence isn't just a luxury but a necessity. Since 2020, I've specialized in building and managing websites, focusing primarily on CMS platforms like WordPress, Shoper, and various others. My services cater to those who want their website to be more than just a company's calling card but also an effective sales tool.

Here's what I can offer you:

  • WordPress Website Creation: I'll build a website for you that not only looks great but is also user-friendly and showcases the best of what your company has to offer.
  • Website Management: Need updates or a complete overhaul of your site? No problem, I'll ensure everything is done on time and meets your expectations.
  • E-commerce Assistance: Adding new products, organizing categories, and ensuring your products look their best to attract customers - count on me for your online store.
  • Custom Product Templates: Setting standards is crucial - I'll create personalized templates. If you need a product template written for sites like euro.com.pl, I'd be happy to assist.
  • Whether you're a company or an individual needing help migrating content, posts, or graphics from an old site to a new one, I'm here to help with that task.
  • SEO, the Path to Visibility: I'll help your site stand out in search results, so more people click on you.

Individual approach is our motto, and when it comes to prices, there's no need to worry about your budget. Here are a few indicative rates:

  • Website Creation: from 600 PLN net
  • Product Templates: from 60 PLN net
  • Hourly Rate: from 60 PLN net

Our prices are flexible - negotiation is always an option. Get in touch with us at contact@edevcode.com, tell us about your needs, and we'll prepare a proposal that will surprise you.

Don't let your website get lost in the crowd. Contact us and together we will create something that will really distinguish you from others!



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eDevCode Radosław Makowski
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